ANWICU trainee prize 2022

I was delighted to win 2nd prize for the Association of Northwest ICU’s (ANWICU’s) trainee prize 2022! This is the second time I have won an ANWICU trainee prize, and it was a privilege to present the work of my NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship to fellow ICM trainees.

For this, I gave a 20 minute presentation entitled Healthcare Resilience: a Meta-narrative systematic review and synthesis. I began with surveying the audience about their impressions of the word “resilience”. For frontline clinicians, many associated it with acute psychological interventions for mental health such as mindfulness and vouchers. But the inadequacy of such approaches make it perhaps a dirty word, as explored in my essay Resilience is a Dirty Word. I then invited people to consider the etymology of the word, its use in many disciplines, and why many organisations and governments are furiously trying to pursue it after the COVID19 pandemic.

I briefly explored the hierarchical levels resilience has been studied in, the general discipilnes which have been concerned with healthcare resilience, and proposed a unified definition to be used across all hierarchical levels.

I then spent a bit of time exploring some concepts in healthcare resilience, categorised into time domains of pre-, intra-, post- and trans-event. After that, I honed into the traditional focus on physical capacities at the expense of relational aspects of resilience, which led nicely into the next piece of work I will be doing, which is applying for a PhD training fellowship looking at Integrated Care Systems and understanding the nature of interorganisational relationships.

Five minutes of questions centred around available guidance for meta-narrative reivews, and what else is going on at different hierarchical levels to build resilience, a cheeky one about how best to use this evidence in the next email invitation for yoga classes and mindfulness training.

Grateful for my collaborators and supervisors: Dr Gabrielle Prager, Dr Andrew McClelland, Dr Jessica Hawkins, and Prof Paul Dark.

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