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Woodwise Lip Balm

Well, another branch out of the beekeeping hobby! 2023 saw us render significant amounts of beeswax from the 14 frames we harvested. In addition to the soap we make and the jackets I rewax, beeswax is also a great product…

Woodwise Beeswax Soaps

With the 650g rendered from our first harvest, we have been exploring ways of using beeswax. Of course, an obvious way, considering the current energy crisis and threatened planned blackouts in the UK, is to make candles. But we didn’t.…

Woodwise Honey

Raw, unfiltered honey, sustainably harvested from a small suburban apriary in Greater Manchester, UK.

Another Honeybee Epidemic?

We have not learnt from the pandemic. The recent news about honeybee eradication in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, demonstrates we have learnt little from our experiences. Whether Ebola, SARS, COVID19, or in this instance, the deformed wing virus (DWV),…

Cherry Hive

The Cherry hive - A Layens' style, wool-insulated, double-walled, horizontal hive with Einraumbeute frames and Warre-style quilt.