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A Letter to Lydia

In a letter written to his daughter Lydia, who was born during the pandemic, intensive care doctor Mark Tan describes the last 12 months working on the front line alongside colleagues, patients and families who have had to endure and sacrifice so much.

ANWICU trainee prize 2022

I was delighted to win 2nd prize for the Association of Northwest ICU’s (ANWICU’s) trainee prize 2022! This is the second time I have won an ANWICU trainee prize, and it was a privilege to present the work of my…

Woodwise Honey

Raw, unfiltered honey, sustainably harvested from a small suburban apriary in Greater Manchester, UK.

Another Honeybee Epidemic?

We have not learnt from the pandemic. The recent news about honeybee eradication in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, demonstrates we have learnt little from our experiences. Whether Ebola, SARS, COVID19, or in this instance, the deformed wing virus (DWV),…

Resilience is a dirty word

Resilience seems to be a term that has been thrown around without true understanding nor appreciation of it’s definitions, measures or concepts. It has been used in countless research traditions and paradigms. This short essay aims to broaden views of…

Hardwood Hive

The hardwood hive is another modified Golden hive using Einruambeute frames and includes a Warre style quilt and inspection hatch. As this was the third hive I built, there were a few modifications I made from the experience of building…

Leeds FUSIC 2022

I will be teaching with a fantastic faculty on the Leeds FUSIC course on 7-8April 2022. This has been organised by Manoj Wickmanasinghe and promises to be a whirlwind tour of all the POCUS modalities covered by ICS. See you…

Cherry Hive

The Cherry hive - A Layens' style, wool-insulated, double-walled, horizontal hive with Einraumbeute frames and Warre-style quilt.

Manchester Hive

The Manchester Hive - a modified, insulated Layens' hive utilising Einraumbeute frames and featuring a Warre-style quilt and an inspection hatch.